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Download the grace of grey by Barbara Hofmann Mp3 - hi everyone,
hoping this finds you all well.
i´d like to say something about this mix.
it´s been a very big task for me to do that.
And i still wonder and i am not entirely sure
whether it´s been the right decision to put it out there.
I´d like to explain that a bit:

For me the most important part in playing music in public is the interaction with the people on the dance floor, close by the decks, almost in reach, in eye contact with the dancers, to feel what the track does to me and to you, to get lost in it, to give space to that very intimate moment which feels more like a performance to me, where it actually can get very personal, even private.
It´s always an intensive experience for me that is shared between certain people at a certain time for a certain time length at a particular protected place which is guidanced by the music.
With a certain power that a good sound system - which can make
the whole journey even more joyful - some great light as it has also such a big effect on the whole atmosphere.
it´s always a big challenge for me to have the courage to go on that trip because there is never a guarantee that we can hook, that a connection will happen. That this over the top feeling, that there is only music that moves and pulls our body around for couple of hours, does appear.

So playing records in a mix without all that – under entirely different circumstances, at home with obviously no one around – made that project in a way so special for me.

i imagined to be with you while playing and that helped a lot.

Thanks for taking time reading this, i hope you enjoy the music, it´s meant to be played „loud“, preferential on a nice sound system or through headphones to catch all the catchy sounds the artists used in their creations to make our heads and legs go spin.

you don´t know how much this means to me.

take care,
all love
in april 2015
p.s. thanks to everyone who joined diwa and me playing the garden closing set at the about blank 5th birthday party. you´ve been incredible!

01. louderbach - external envelope
02. murcof - isaías
03. arandel - 5
04. nu (seba &madmotormiquel rmx) - carat
05. myr. - avalon
06. c.a.r. Remixes pt. 1 (roman flügel remix) - idle eyes
07. ess o ess - re-enter (man power remix)
08. manuel tur - flux
09. sozonov feat. anela - metaroom (joy kitikonti remix)
10. andre bratten - trommer og bass
11. speaking in minds - who the fuck cares (christian prommer remix)
12. culoe de song - y.o.u.d.
13. neil flynn - louise (skth remix)
14. lisiére collectif - 1502 -14
15. agents of time - polina (alex smoke rmx)
16. a thousand years - transfiguration
17. coer & nathan oye - last night
18. rj - leo the grace of grey by Barbara Hofmann


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