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Download "Bookerraaang" Sunrise Edit ( Plugging BookerT&MGS ) by PLUGGER official Mp3 - Plugger is the band that invented a new musical genre : the PLUG. It is not a remix, it is not a cover, it is not a mash-up. It's a PLUG. "Plugging" an artist means to merge all his records and songs into a new original composition, with new and original lyrics and new and original music. The PLUG is made recycling exclusively existing music : no other external sound is added. Plugging music is the search for infinite inside the finitness, which leads eventually to freedom. Or so We hope !!!
This release of "This is NOT a Record" is the "Sunrise Edition", the most trippin PLUGS from TheBeachBoys, TheRollingStones, LedZeppelin, EnnioMorricone, ACDC, BookerT&MGS, PinkFloyd, JimiHendrix.
Ennio Morricone, the all-time genius and greatest composer of soundtracks, upon listening to his PLUG, officially declared " Plugger is the new thing that will shake rock".
We like to believe him!
"This is NOT a Record" is being released in 5 editions.
The first and original : the Sunset Edition, the sexiest.
The Sunrise, for endless afterhour tripping.
Daylight, the most romantic.
Morning, a spiritual boost for your wake up.
Night, to add a bit of spice to your clubbing.
All the artwork of the covers and videoclips are made by recycling original LP covers of the plugged artist.
Plugger is also giggin around with an interactive audiovisual show where the crowd can play live with the band using the iPhone.
If you want to know more about Plugger, visit or read the book "Music is Over" by Lorange Sadbaars : the Plugger Manifesto.

1- Waxoline ( Plugging TheBeachBoys )
2- You've got to Get ( Plugging TheRollingStones )
3- Sweet666 ( Plugging LedZeppelin )
4- The MMM, the MMM and the MMM ( Plugging EnnioMorricone )
5- The Lunatic ( Plugging ThePinkFLoyd )
6- We Are Dirty ( Plugging ACDC )
7- Plug the Voodoo ( Plugging JimiHendrix )
8- Bookerraaang ( Plugging BookerT&MGS ) "Bookerraaang" Sunrise Edit ( Plugging BookerT&MGS ) by PLUGGER official


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