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on 28-01-2008 by houstonjohn5  

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on 24-12-2011 by djhamed  

UB40 - Red Red Wine

on 03-06-2009 by UB40VEVO  

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on 15-05-2011 by DJ islandboi  

UB40 - Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

on 03-06-2009 by UB40VEVO  

ub40 red red wine

on 25-10-2015 by Tecknock LP  

UB40 - Bring Me Your Cup

on 23-01-2010 by rasams13  

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on 23-09-2012 by Giddy  

UB40 - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

on 07-08-2013 by UB40VEVO  

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on 07-03-2013 by DJ Lamonnz (GBROOKE)  

UB40 - Love Songs (Full Album)

on 06-11-2016 by Mr UBLoonie  

UB40 - every breath you take

on 09-02-2010 by Alberto Cruz  

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on 16-05-2014 by DJ651 (KutManKrew)  

ub40 tears from my eyes

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UB40 - Red Red Wine

on 02-12-2012 by Kolonel Briket  

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ub40 - wedding day

on 26-02-2008 by cost443  

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on 06-03-2013 by DJ Lamonnz (GBROOKE)  

UB40 - Signing Off (FULL ALBUM)

on 07-04-2013 by mark robins  

UB40-Tears From My Eyes

on 26-11-2009 by Lila2339