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Coldplay - Shiver

on 14-07-2011 by Coldplay Official  

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on 14-06-2011 by Flyinglotus  

Lucy Rose - Shiver

on 18-02-2013 by LucyRoseVEVO  

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on 03-11-2013 by Mac Levine  

Shiver - Coldplay

on 15-06-2008 by Coldplay CD  

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Nightcore - Shiver

on 15-01-2017 by NightcoreTruth  

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on 10-11-2014 by Shiver  

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

on 03-10-2009 by natalieimbrugliaVEVO  

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on 17-03-2015 by Siddo Macereo  

Jamie O'Neal - Shiver

on 21-06-2011 by countryback  

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on 10-06-2014 by Spinnin' Records  

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

on 17-02-2016 by natalieimbrugliaVEVO  

Lucy Rose - Shiver [Lyric Video]

on 07-02-2013 by Whalien89  

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on 12-12-2012 by 939theRiver  

Boys Next Door - Shivers

on 19-05-2014 by phattphucks  

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on 01-10-2017 by Art&Music Recording  

Shiver - Maroon 5

on 06-11-2007 by Nintendogsmaster3  

Chris Velan - Shiver /w Lyrics

on 30-09-2008 by Loras Tyrell  

Shiver - Shawn Desman [ With Lyrics ]

on 27-03-2010 by iMunchCookies