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Regina Feat Judika - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

on 17-06-2012 by GHS Production House  

immortal love song mahadewa feat judika

on 10-02-2015 by user886567372  

Yank (Judika feat citra)

on 08-10-2014 by Raden Silaban  

Judika feat Regina Mahadewi

on 16-01-2013 by dee syathir  

mahadewa feat judika immortal love song

on 22-02-2015 by febrianafr  

Judika - Making Love Out of Nothing At All

on 09-12-2007 by venomscorpion  

afgan feat judika kaulah puteri indonesia

on 04-07-2014 by allaboutafganofficial  

Mike & Judika - When You Believe

on 13-09-2007 by redplanet2015