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Nathaniel Bassey – Jesus, Jesus

on 30-05-2017 by worship daily  

Nathaniel Bassey Never The Same

on 23-05-2017 by worship daily  

say you wont let go

on 15-09-2016 by Nathaniel Ballantine  

Nathaniel bassey you are amazing

on 27-06-2016 by Chris Vincent  

who robbed the hash from the gaff

on 13-10-2016 by Nathaniel Ballantine  

onise iyanu god of awesome wonders

on 03-08-2016 by Nathaniel Bassey  

nathaniel bassey and lovesong no other god

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Nathaniel the Grublet (Full Album)

on 30-07-2016 by Jon Dot  

galway girl%f0%9f%87%ae%f0%9f%87%aa

on 03-03-2017 by Nathaniel Ballantine  

So Amazing (Nathaniel Bassey)

on 03-05-2016 by Femi Ajayi  

im not shy around you

on 04-05-2016 by Nathaniel Ballantine  

Nathaniel - Live Louder

on 05-09-2014 by NathanielMusicVEVO  

Nathaniel - Live Louder - Lyrics

on 21-09-2014 by ktsrockz  

miracle worker ft nathaniel bassey

on 23-08-2014 by Glowreeyah Braimah  

You are God- Nathaniel Bassey

on 17-02-2017 by THE BIBLE ANSWERS  

Nathaniel Bassey – I Love You

on 23-05-2017 by worship daily