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King Avriel - Freedom

on 02-08-2014 by INFINIT  


on 04-11-2013 by King avriel  

Follow Me - King Avriel

on 19-08-2014 by DiCheParliamo  


on 09-07-2014 by King avriel  

King Avriel - Prelude

on 10-12-2013 by Playmobit  

failed messiah

on 21-10-2013 by King avriel  

King avriel "Judgment Day / Valley Idols"

on 21-05-2014 by emn extramusicnew  


on 18-04-2014 by King avriel  

paranormal paradigm

on 03-10-2013 by King avriel  


on 30-07-2014 by King avriel  

Cheerleader - VoicePlay (OMI cover)

on 11-08-2015 by VoicePlay  

judgment day valley idols

on 17-05-2014 by King avriel  

follow me

on 30-07-2014 by King avriel  

Pearl - Closer (2016) [Full Album]

on 21-09-2016 by jmicycle  

pearl burnin up ft king avriel

on 31-08-2016 by White Room Records  

forgiveness for underdogs

on 30-07-2014 by King avriel  

The Ritz - Sweet Adeline (live at the 2016 AIC Show)

on 25-02-2017 by Barbershop Harmony Society  

false teachings running

on 30-07-2014 by King avriel  

know it alls

on 30-07-2014 by King avriel  

20s 50s 100s

on 06-10-2017 by Luh Karo  

king avriel freedom

on 12-02-2014 by Discord.Being  

Avi Kaplan - Wayfaring Stranger (Live)

on 14-05-2017 by Glauber do Ouro  

paranormal paradigm intro

on 30-07-2014 by King avriel