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on 02-06-2013 by Sobat Dtroy  

eldee cool bosan

on 09-04-2014 by Syahril Adam Asy-Syu'ara  

Element - Cintamu Cintaku (Live Konser Banjarmasin 12 Mei 2006)

on 03-10-2015 by 18 Production - Konser Musik Indonesia  

cintamu cintaku eldee cool

on 24-07-2014 by agung Prasetya  

Kelly Handsome - Cool Your Temper

on 17-01-2010 by DjFineBoii  

eldee cool cintamu cintaqku

on 06-10-2014 by SYNC music work - Jakarta  

cintamu cintaku eldee cool

on 09-04-2014 by Syahril Adam Asy-Syu'ara  

Piano Jazz - A two hour long compilation

on 06-08-2017 by 2hour Music Compilations  

Sakit Hati

on 11-10-2011 by bimbim131177  

Walk In The Sun

on 24-01-2017 by Earl Klugh - Topic  

kaisar kerangka langit

on 18-08-2012 by Siroj - Band Era'80-'90an  

GoteborgOpenStage - s2016e05 - 13_Maite Electra Band

on 26-05-2016 by Göteborg Open Stage  

naija mixtape vol 2

on 07-11-2011 by demzy  

Cintaku Cintamu Cinta Kita

on 30-07-2012 by You Nofry  


on 26-05-2017 by DJKaroMixes  

Which Way-Micheal Demi

on 05-06-2011 by d9icee  

Irvin blow my mind

on 14-10-2012 by Sojin George  

Elaine Dee - SYMPHONY (1964)

on 01-06-2012 by Anthony Reichardt  

sunset and i hope

on 12-12-2012 by rince andrio  

Coolkhas - Takkan Pernah

on 13-03-2014 by Suryo Pras  

Don Morrow - Like The Shoemaker & The Elves

on 17-12-2009 by The Mustikuarium